Xenia is a city in southwestern Ohio and is also the county seat of Greene County. Xenia is considered part of the Dayton Metropolitan Statistical Area and is located in the Miami Valley. Approximately 30,000 people call Xenia home, making it the most populated American city beginning with the letter ‘X’. The county courthouse, sheriff’s department, jail, and other government departments are located in Xenia due to its position as the seat of Greene County.

A Brief History

Xenia’s beginnings as a town occurred at the same time that Ohio was admitted to the Union in 1803. The settlement that would become present-day Xenia can be attributed to a man named John Paul who bought 2,000 acres of land from Hanover County, Virginia landowners Thomas and Elizabeth Richardson for “1050 pounds current moneys of Virginia.” He then sought to influence county commissioners to designate Xenia as the county seat due to its position on the forks of the Shawnee creeks.

The commissioners obliged and sent surveyor Joseph C. Vance to the area to assess and plan the town. Vance then bought 257 acres of land from John Paul for $250 for the town site the next year. Now Vance needed a name for the budding community so he called a town meeting to discuss possible names. The committee he assembled considered several suggestions without reaching a consensus until Reverend Robert Armstrong proposed the name “Xenia,” which means “hospitality” in Greek. This suggestion resulted in a tie between Xenia and something else so the committee asked Laticia Davis to cast the deciding ballot. She voted for “Xenia” and the rest is history.

Xenia Today

Modern day Xenia is a pleasant city when it is not being ravaged by devastatingly violent tornadoes. Hundreds of lives have been claimed by tornado spurts over the years, including tragic storms in 1974, 1989, and as recently as 2000.

Each year, the annual Dayton Hamvention is held at the Greene County Fairgrounds in Xenia. Despite evoking images of piles of pork, the Hamvention is actually an enthusiastic gathering of approximately 20,000 amateur radio fanatics.

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