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Businesses, like people, move through various stages. Whether you are looking to stat a business, or your business is going through a transition, the experienced business law attorneys at Miller, Finney & McKeown LLC are here to offer you the legal support and guidance you need. We have handled numerous business law matters, both large and small, so we are prepared to help you realize your business goals while protecting your best interests. Contact us today to set up your free initial consultation.

Streamlined and Reliable Entity Formation

If you are interested in starting a business, we can help you understand your options. Whether you are looking to form an S-corporation, a C-corporation, a Limited Liability Company (LLC), or another entity, we can advise you as to which model will offer you the best protection against personal liability and other costs associated with operating your business in the state of Ohio. Additionally, we help ensure that small business owners are in compliance with the law, protecting you from unnecessary taxation, personal liability, or other negative consequences. Contact Miller, Finney & McKeown LLC today to learn more about entity formation.

Handling Sales and Acquisitions

Many business owners hope to one day sell their profitable business and enjoy an early retirement, while other individuals wish to invest in an established business in order to avoid starting a business from scratch. In many cases, two or more businesses may decide to merge. Our firm can help you sell or purchase a business in a way that protects your investment and your personal business goals. Before you sign any document, meet with one of our seasoned business law attorneys to ensure that your best interests are safeguarded.

Trusted Assistance With Business Litigation

It is increasingly common for legal disputes to emerge within or between businesses. Without proper negotiation or input from legal professionals, these disputes can lead to dire consequences for those involved. Many such disputes can be resolved through mediation or negotiation, and having a trusted business law attorney present to facilitate a fruitful conversation can be useful. Some disputes, however, can only be handled through litigation. If you are facing an instance of business litigation, the attorneys at Miller, Finney & McKeown LLC are here to protect your interests and your investments, whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant. Act quickly to ensure you receive the strongest representation possible and call our firm today to learn more.

Greene County’s Oldest Law Firm is Here to Help

Miller, Finney & McKeown LLC handles a wide variety of business law matters, including business entity selection, entity formation, transfers of ownership, buy/sell agreements, options, agreements between shareholders and members, disputes among shareholders, contracts, commercial leases, sales and acquisitions, mediation, arbitration, litigation, and many more. If you have questions about a business law matter, contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation.

Miller, Finney & McKeown LLC provides business law assistance to clients throughout Xenia, Dayton, and the Miami Valley. Contact our firm today at (937) 372-8055 to schedule your complimentary initial consultation.